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Use the world's most secure sign in technology to secure your digital systems and data.


Military Grade, Multifactor Authentication


Easy to use, easy to manage


Low cost, only need one solution

The world’s most secure protection against unauthorised access to systems and data.

VeroCard can be used to login to devices and online accounts, enabling you to completely eliminate reputation and monetary risk from credential-based attacks like phishing.

Authenticating into systems is as simple as entering the PIN on the VeroCard, users are verified through an ultra-secure connection to the VeroGuard Platform - the world’s most secure internet-based digital identity platform. VeroGuard uses the same method of secure communication used by guided missile control where it is critical that command messages cannot be decrypted or the command plane hijacked.

Prior to VeroGuard, these solutions were complex, expensive and limited to low scale, dedicated networks. VeroGuard has made this systems available and cost effective for any sized organisation.

That is why we know VeroCard is the most sophisticated unified and universal, ultra-secure digital identity ever produced.

Why should I use VeroCard?


Have peace of mind that your data and digital systems are protected by ultra-secure Military Grade, Multifactor authentication.


Avoid the frustration of passwords and other login barriers by using just one PIN to access all your VeroCard connected devices and online accounts.


Protect your business from costly cyberattacks and use one low cost solution that eliminates the need for other identity solutions or integrations.

Where can I use VeroCard?

VeroCards are capable of securing your device login, network login and website logins to completely protect your business from credential based cyber attacks. Developed for business of all sizes VeroCard supports Windows Hello on Windows 10 machines to quickly and easily harden devices and networks with defence certified secure Multifactor Authentication.

VeroCard provides a secure digital identity capable of being integrated into any system, and VeroCard connects to laptops, PC’s, smartphones, tablets and other devices through Bluetooth or NFC.

Works with:

  • Active Directory
  • IBM Verify Access
  • Fido2
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Windows Hello
  • OAuth

What is the risk?

The highest level of security has now become necessary for your business to avoid “the overwhelming of the defences of the global security community by 2025” (World Economic Forum).

67,500 Australian businesses reported a cyberattack last year; this statistic only includes cases that are being reported leading many experts to believe it could be significantly higher.

Cyber breach can lead to direct monetary, data and reputation costs. Together these costs average to $3.84 million for Australian cyber breaches; 40% of this cost is on reputation loss alone.

These are not isolated incidents, cybercrime cost Australia $33 billion in 2020. It’s no surprise that up to 25% of companies that suffer a data breach file for bankruptcy within 6 months.

For as little as $24 per user per month eliminate this key risk to your business by implementing the VeroCard solution today.

VeroGuard is the most advanced cyber security enhancement your business can make.

Why is VeroCard ultra-secure?

VeroCard provides the physical separation advised by the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) and offers the same protection for your PIN as an eftpos terminal using HSM-to-HSM technology. In fact it is certified to the same banking and payment standard PCI PTS 5.1 for your peace of mind.

The ACSC recommends prioritising strong Multifactor Authentication in your cybersecurity strategy. They advise that “some methods are more effective than others. Notably, multi-factor authentication is most effective when one of the authentication factors is physically separate from the device from which the user is accessing the system".

The VeroCard has an industry unique approach that incorporates the ‘unbreached’ protocols that govern global financial transactions. Unlike any other authentication solution, your VeroCard acts as a non-repudiable passport for access online and into systems, verifying end users and providing absolute trust.

Protect your business today.

VeroGuard technology can protect your company from identity based attacks.

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About VeroGuard

VeroGuard Systems is an Australian cyber security and Identity and Access Management company. The VeroGuard team have a rich background with identity security.

By applying the proven security of physical banking for online use, VeroGuard has alone solved the issue of securing identity for online activity. The highest level of ID security available that protects your digital systems and data.

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